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Q: Can I select the music I want to hear?

A: Yes.  Simply print my entire song list from my web site.   You may highlight, underline or put stars next to the songs you want to hear.  Be sure to rank them (i.e. put three stars next to the "must play tunes").   Please remember I can only play approximately 75 songs in a four hour period.    Thus, if  you request 100 songs and rank them this will give me a great guide to your preferences.  You can also draw a line through songs which you do not want to hear.  In addition, if you want a variety and want me to lean more on country or top 40 you can simply state this.  You can also state something like  "Mostly Country and old Rock n Roll" and/or "No Hokey Pokey or Macarena".  I suggest  you mail this list to me at least one week before your reception.   If you do not have any preferences I can simply provide a good mix as I take requests and read your guests and the dance floor through out the night. 


Q:  Can I bring some of my own CDs?

A:  Yes.  It is your wedding and I can play anything you want at any time.  Often the bride and groom will have a special song or two for the bridal dance, wedding party dance, etc.  I suggest that you get a copy of the CD to me at least a week before your reception.  This will enable me to be sure it works on my equipment, etc.   If not, give it to a parent, best man, matron/maid of honor, etc.  who will remember to bring it to the reception.  You have several things going on and the music can easily be left home on your big day.

 I suggest you keep the music you provide to a minimum (10 songs or less). Please have the cuts labeled on each CD.   Also, rank the tracks you must hear with three stars or by some other means.    Please keep in mind that I have a large library which appeals to a wide variety of people.  I am familiar with my music and know how to mix it.   I often find the dance floor empty when I play songs brought to me by my clients.  Remember, it is your wedding and I can play what  you want when ever you want. 


Q: What type of music do you play?

A:  Usually a wide variety or whatever YOU want to hear.  Be sure to see my music selections on my web page.  For a wedding I typically start out with instrumentals, some oldies, well known country songs, big band hits, etc.  As the night progresses, I read the crowd and try to keep the dance floor as full as possible while still providing a good mix of country, oldies, top 40, polkas, rock and roll, etc.    Most likely you won't hear AC/DC until after 10:00 p.m.  However, you may still hear Patsy Cline after 10:00 p.m.  With  20 years of experience, I take requests, play your requests and read the crowd. 


Q: What do your services include? 

Services include a quality sound and intelligent lighting system (including a fogger) operated by experienced DJ/MC Ross Briggs.  I will introduce the wedding party, announce the cake cutting, bridal dance, wedding party dance, tossing of the bouquet, garter, dollar dance, etc.  There are no additional hidden charges.  Some DJs charge more for these special items.  I work with the photographer, best man, matron/maid of honor and bride and groom in order to keep the events moving.  My clock starts when you wish to have the music start and/or a microphone available and ends when you wish to have the music stop. 


Q: Can you provide the music for my ceremony? 

A: Yes, I offer full music services for the ceremony.  30 minutes before the wedding I have chamber music for the arrival of your guests.  Working with the marriage official I cue up the entrance march and also play the exit march on cue.  My ceremony fee begins at $150.   This includes 30 minutes of music before the ceremony, the wedding party march, wedding party exit and 15 minutes of background music after the party exits.  My quality sound system with Mackie amplified speakers on their tri-pods are sure to sound great at your ceremony.    In addition, I will lend you the music (CD or cassette) and instructions for  your rehearsal the night before.    For an exact quote please call.   My fee will depend upon the distance from the wedding ceremony to the reception hall and the amount of time between the ceremony and reception. 


Q: I don't know how late people will stay.  How late can you stay and when do you need to know?

A: I can stay as long as you wish to pay and the reception hall allows.  For example, you thought everyone would be leaving by 11:00 p.m. and the hall is still packed at 10:40.  You can simply come up and request music until 11:30 or midnight.  An additional 30 minutes of music is $25 and an additional hour is $50.  In the 1980's receptions would often go until 1:30 a.m. or later.  Now due to the strict drinking and driving laws, often receptions end around midnight.


Q: What do you wear when you DJ a wedding reception?

A: I dress professionally with a suit and tie. 


Q: I would like to hear you DJ at a wedding reception.  Is there a reception I can attend?

A:  No.  I cannot invite strangers to other people's wedding receptions.  I can provide you with references who can answer  your questions regarding my wedding services.   I may also be working in a public place where you can attend.  Call or e-mail for details and/or references. 


Q: Do you have Karaoke?

A: No.  Once in awhile the bride or groom may have a close friend or relative who just wants to sing one song.  I may or may not have background music to go with this special song.  I will allow a song or two to be sung with the bride and groom's permission.  However, my equipment is not designed for this and I do not let anyone come up and grab the mike and just start singing.  The request has to be made by the bride and groom.


Q: Will you do an outside wedding reception?

AYes, if myself and my equipment are covered  by a tent or other water proof pavilion.


Q: I need to know if your equipment is capable of handling 250-300 guests?

A: I have been using my Mackie amplified speakers since September, 2000.  At a wedding reception I have never needed more power than they can produce.  If needed I do have an additional amp and speakers which will provide more sound.    I have only used them in conjunction with the Mackie speakers a few times at large high school dances.  My Mackies will allow everyone to hear the music and it will be plenty loud enough on the dance floor.  Usually people like to be able to hear announcements and the music at a reception...but only want it loud when they are on the dance floor.  My Mackies do this quite well. 


Q: How do I book  you?

A: Call or e-mail me.  I check my e-mail several times daily during the week and you should receive a response in less than 24 hours (except possibly on weekends).  Provide me with your name, address, phone number, e-mail, date of reception and the location.  I will then mail you a contract with a $200 ($100 deposit for non-Saturday) deposit due in eight days from the time I print the contract.   Simply sign one copy of the contract and return it with a $200 deposit ASAP.   After eight days the first deposit received secures the date.  


Q: When do I make my final payment?

 A: The balance of my fee is due the night of your reception, preferably sometime before the bridal dance.     Often the bride and groom will mail the balance weeks or months before their reception.  This, of course, is also acceptable. 


If the above did not answer your questions please call or e-mail and I will promptly respond.



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